Give your old databases a second chance! with the latest technology in Data Recycling Automation!


Verify Millions of Emails Automatically
while sending traffic daily to your sites


The Perfect Tool for Email Marketeers

Advanced Syntax Verification
Disposable Emails Providers
Real Spam complainers Removal
All Levels Duplicates Removal
Real Opt-in/Opt-out Lead Generation from your lists!

Databases Validation + Email Marketing Automation

Data Recycling is NOT Data Scrubbing!

It Cannot get Simpler than this...

Data Recycler PRO Algorithm Explained!

Data Recycler PRO is more than just a data cleaning and Hygiene mechanism
It is a complex configured engine that allows you to upload once in the month
your datafiles and will continue to clean verify during the month withoutintervention
or interruptions.The Data Recycler is designed to generate a stream of Opt-in Leads
basedon your product line or vertical by customizing the Real time verification
process which can be used as a vertical behavioral segmentation.

Starting at $495 USD Per Month


1) Automatic Unification & Standardization of Files:

We understand one of the hardest parts of achieving data hygiene is to work with many files
and each file having the "email" Column in different locations, Making Imposible to simple
open, copy & paste each file.

Solution: Our Algorithm allows you to Drag and Drop any amount of files
in one single folder and from there, the machine will log to each file and extract only
email address, working on several files simultaneously will make 1 single file daily
with only email addresses, regardless which column the "email" was located.

  2) Advanced Syntax Verification

  Standard Data Cleanups companies check against a handfull of bad syntaxes of each email.
  Our system checks each line of data if not only is properly written as email formats but
  detects if emails have indicatives of random fillup or robot made emails to ensure
  an additional 10-15% of ehanced Syntax Verification.

3) Honeypots and Blocked Domains

Automated Mechanisms cross check your data against one
of the largest collection of blocked domains due to
fraud activity malware footprints that can be used
for hacking or spamcops files

4) Disposable Emails Providers

The Data Recycler cross checks your data against the
largest list of detected Disposable Emails Providers
which by the time you send there, will contribute to
a large hard bounce if not removed before.

5) Real Spam complainers Removal      

Our blacklist is an evergrowing databank which hooks
directly to the spam reporters like spamhaus/barracuda
and others. Everytime there is a formal complain from
anyone around the world on any email marketing campaign,
we process their data and addthem into our evergrowing
blacklist with millions already in the blacklist and
thousands more being addedd daily.

6) All Levels Duplicates Removal

At Data Recycler PRO we ensure that Duplicates are removed
at ALL levels, which means that will be deleted in between
files while being standarized but also at time of import
for Real Time verification, will ensure than no one that
has been recorded to be added ever again, mantaining
100% duplicates free environment.

Real Time Verification Process with FREE Visitors to your link:

While Everyone in the industry simply Pings each email via SMTP or MX by checking the existance of the email account.
This practice simply gives you an outerlook of the health of the data but getting nothing in return.

Our Advanced Algorithms for Email Validation is used as Vertical Segmentator.
Basically you provide a fully functional HTML Mailer with your links, and the Data Recycler PRO will send your promotion
to every contact has been left in the cleaned list after all cleanup processes.

This Activity allows to get Real information like Bounce reason if there is any... and the most important...
The openers will become OPTIN Data, The Clickers will become Double-OPTIN and the unsubscribe will become OPT-OUT

The Files of Optin Data, and Optouts are updated daily in same file to create a constant growing file with ONLY GOOD and truly
Verified Data... Such data you can download and send through any Email Marketing Software you are currently Using.

Verified Data SMTP API Integration Option

You can request to have an SMTP Server with the Recycled Data loaded daily automatically into a Mail Server so you can do
your campaigns, closing a full circle of automated process to achieve True Email Marketing Automation with Verified & Relevant Data
to your Vertical...

Continuous Data load without intervention and without interruptions!

Let the Data Recycler system deal with ALL of your data automatically
every day for 30 days without interruptions or interventions

Starting at $495 USD Per Month

Some of our very happy clients

I cannot believe how easy is now to process all of our old data!
- Jessica Neitrovich, Affiliate Manager at MyTouchAffiliates
Finally a product that squezzes the juice of our our data!

- Ryan Wellington, Head of Affiliates on EuroNet Partners
Who knew we had a lot of new players in our old data

- Jason Prietto, Superb Affiliates
This is a tool that everyone in the mailing idstry should have!

- Gerry Rosa, Publishers Director - AdsGlobal Network
Brillant! we had gold in our data the whole time...
we wasted so much time ignoring our data but now is an asset

- Dina Gunther, Affiliate manager - healthypills program